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In addition to being an up and coming neighborhood, Baker is one of the historic districts of Denver. Named after former University of Colorado president James Hutchins Baker, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985 (1). In the year 2000 it was granted the designation of an official historic district during the Historic Preservation effort of the City of Denver (2). The neighborhood was first developed in the mid nineteenth century, but most of the building was done in the twentieth century. Today, these antique homes offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of history without sacrificing either luxury or the convenience of urban living. There are also a number of more recent and brand new developments for prospective buyers to choose from.
Today, Baker is a diverse community serving many different residential, commercial, and industrial interests. The accessibility of this neighborhood’s location cannot be understated as it is adjacent to downtown Denver, easily accessible by major roadways I-25/ Broadway/ Alameda, and is serviceable by many different public transportation options- including two different light rail stops. Whether you work in the downtown Denver area or virtually any other location in the Denver metro area, this is a neighborhood that will make any commute feel like a breeze.

Baker has created a strong sense of community with various initiatives. It features many youth and family-focused activities, making it a great place to settle down. The neighborhood has also taken special care to support environmentally friendly programs, and is currently working on becoming more pedestrian friendly in order to reduce automobile traffic. These efforts have already been paying off as one can easily walk to the historic Mayan Theater as well as the various shops, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants that continue to pop up as the area increases in popularity.

The Mayan theater lives today in the “Art Deco Mayan Revival style,” of which there are only two others in the country. In existence since 1930 and renovated in 1986, this theater specializes in independent and foreign films, perpetuating the creativity, culture, and charm that embodies Baker and its surrounding area. Some notable restaurants near Baker include Beatrice and Woodsley, Zagat’s winner of Denver’s best restaurant decor, Blue Bonnet cafe, a homestyle Mexican restaurant boasting over 40 years of excellence, The Hornet, a lively American bar featuring extensive hours, vegetarian options, and a wonderful happy hour, and Karma Asian, a quaint Hindu and Buddhist-inspired setting with delicious spicy edamame and drunken noodles. Among this small sample of acclaimed restaurants there are several different styles of food, price ranges, and ambiances, once again demonstrating the diversity and charm that make this neighborhood so special. Furthermore, there are several spots with live music within walking distance of Baker. The Hi-Dive, a high-octane, frenzied night-life destination with bands ranging from punk to metal to bluegrass has won the hearts of locals and tourists alike. Another such venue is the Skylark Lounge, an authentic-feeling dive bar with an endless amount of beers on tap in a larger setting.

For years, experts have been slating Baker as the next big thing in Denver real estate. This revitalization has already become a reality as developers scoop up large parcels of land on the South Broadway corridor. House flippers are rehabilitating Victorians and turning them into charming options for homebuyers. Additionally, legendary architect Curtis Fentress and developer Agatha Kessler have completed the Watermark, a luxurious seven-story building complete with flats, brownstones and penthouses. Real estate prices in Baker tend to correlate with location within the neighborhood and the condition of the home. No matter what your housing preference is, Baker has something for you.

Baker – Denver Real Estate Snapshot
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