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Bow Mar

Zip Code: 80123

Located 12 miles from downtown Denver, the small town of Bow Mar lies in both Arapahoe and Jefferson counties. The area is just less than one square mile in size, and the current population rests at about 900 residents. The community is composed of about 300 single-family homes on acre-size lots, and there is both open space and a private recreational lake (1).

Originally an agricultural area, Bow Mar was home to several large farms that provided for both Denver and nearby Littleton. The community’s name came from combining the names of the two nearby lakes; Bowles Lake (named for pioneer Joseph Bowles), and Marston Reservoir (named for pioneer John Marston.) The historic Bowles farmhouse can still be found south of the town as a monument to its storied past. A significant event in the history of the town was the baby boom that accompanied the post World War II era, which led to much of its development and the town we see today. Many of the homes built during this time reflected the Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-style that was popular at the time. A great number of these homes have since been updated or replaced, but the style and history still remains. The town was incorporated in 1958 and has growing slowly but steadily since then (2).

One of Bow Mar’s most spectacular features is its private beach on Bowles Lake. Other amenities include a playground, tennis courts, BBQ/picnic area, volleyball court, and horseshoe pit. The community hosts a number of gatherings throughout the year including holiday parties and events, concerts, and boat regattas (3). This beautiful area is perfect for nature-loving families who enjoy the peace and convenience of the suburbs.

Bow Mar Real Estate Snapshot

The southern section of Bow Mar is less expensive with homes $400,000’s. The north section of Bow Mar often rises into the millions depending on size, condition and proximity to the lakes.

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