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Curtis Park

Zip Code: 80205

After a downward spiral in the 1970’s, Curtis Park has turned around with the redevelopment of Denver, and the concept of “urban renewal” following World War II. As a result of these efforts, it is now a great place to live, especially for downtown workers because of its close proximity to the city. The neighborhood centers around Mestizo-Curtis Park, Denver’s first park, and is characterized by tree lined streets and diverse, unique homes. The homes range from renovated Victorian mansions to smaller Four Square homes and duplexes along with many Queen Anne style buildings. The residents are as diverse as the housing styles, in both wealth and ethnicity, and work together towards making Curtis Park an even more attractive place to live. It is currently part of an up and coming NODO development effort as well. With its prime location and continuing development, Curtis Park attracts investors and residents alike and is truly a great neighborhood.

One of the best sandwich spots in Denver is located in Curtis Park, aptly named Curtis Park Delicatessen. Despite its highly affordable price range, this deli has freshly baked breads, homegrown vegetables, and quality meats and cheeses. Their famous “French” is packed with rosemary ham, mixed greens, brie, and topped off with homemade mustard, which shows what an incredible feat they have accomplished using such wonderful ingredients without compromising their affordability. Additionally, the restaurant serves the famous Sweet Action Ice Cream and Noosa yogurt, both available to pick up. Stop in and sit at the community table to become acquainted with local Curtis Park residents, and meet interesting people, join in some great conversation, and feast upon some incredibly tasty sandwiches, ice cream, yogurt, and more.

In addition to Curtis Park Deli, Work and Class persists as one of the highest rated restaurants in Denver, serving up a blend of American and Latin American cuisines. Featuring unique architecture and modern decor, Work and Class has incredible short ribs, Chickpea croquettes, and blue corn empanadas. With all of these delicious menu options, it’s no surprise that Zagat has rated Work and Class “Denver’s Best for Healthy Cocktails,” “Denver’s Best for Sliders,” and, slightly unfortunately “Denver’s Toughest Tickets,” which means its immense popularity makes it a tough location to get a table. When you can though, make sure and brave the wait, because you certainly won’t regret sampling this fine Curtis Park eatery.


Curtis Park Neighborhood – Denver Real Estate Snapshot

Curtis Park & Five Points are home to Italianate’s, row houses, Victorians and condos. Home prices reflect the condition of the home that can vary widely. The average list price for Curtis Park home is typically in the mid to high $500,000’s.

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