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Denver Country Club

Zip Code: 80206, 80218

One of the most desirable neighborhoods in Denver, the Denver Country Club area is located only three miles from downtown Denver, and is directly across from the Cherry Creek shopping center. The neighborhood is bounded by Downing St., University Blvd., 1st Ave., and 6th Ave. It’s located to the north of the actual Denver Country Club, with its hallmark Mediterranean gate marking the entrance at 4th and Franklin. It’s a stately, tree-lined neighborhood steeped in local history.

The neighborhood was developed in the early twentieth century in conjunction with the country club. It was designated as a Historic Landmark District in 1990, and has had a strong Neighborhood Association since 1973. Membership in the association is voluntary, although the vast majority of homeowners join (1).

Many dignitaries and other social elites have settled in the Country Club area, and many renowned architects- such as Jean Jacques-Benedict, Maurice Biscoe, and Fredrick Harnois- have designed showcase mansions in this grand neighborhood. While there are only 380 homes in the area, the lots are typically more spacious than the grid system of many other Denver communities, and many of the homes were built in the early 1900s. Home styles range from Colonial, Tudor, Gothic, and Spanish-Style to modern revivals.

The Denver Country Club remains one of the premier membership-only clubs in the state, affording amenities such as an 18-hole golf course, hockey, ice-skating rinks, tennis courts and a swimming pool. The pool not only has a diving area of 12 feet and 20 and 25 yard race lanes, it also has a 25 meter race lane, which meets Junior Olympic specifications; this is yet another attention to detail that is much appreciated by members and guests alike. The country club has twelve tennis courts, of which two are clay, two are grass, six are hard court, and four are indoors; the different court sources (grass and clay) are rare in Colorado, so it’s a great advantage for tennis aficionados to obtain memberships to the club. Additionally, the country club can be suitable for kids as well, which is evidenced by the youth hockey program for several different age groups, spanning all the way from ages 5 to 13. However, all players must be the child, grandchild, or sponsor of a member in order to participate in the league. Furthermore, it is a popular destination for weddings and special ceremonies, both of which make great use of its vast, open space.

Denver County Club – Real Estate Snapshot

Real estate in the Country Club neighborhood varies by the sub area, with the Country Club Annex being the most affordable location and Park Lane Square hosting the truly elaborate and most expensive homes. Expect to pay from the $800,000 range to $8 million for one of these amazing treasures.

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