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Downtown Denver

Zip Code: 80206, 80218

Downtown Denver is the epitome of urban living in Colorado. If you’re not sure which district best meets your needs, this is a great place to start your search. There are endless living choices ranging from modern to tradition, and styles from lofts and condos to penthouses are available. Many buildings in the area offer a vast amount of amenities as well. There are newer high-rises, low-rises, and condo conversions in the area, all of which staples of the Downtown Denver Housing market.

Downtown Denver is home to the area’s best-selling high-rise community, the Spire. This designer complex features panoramic views and resort-style amenities including pools and hot tubs, lounges, a yoga garden, health club, multimedia theater, grilling area, dog park, valet parking, housekeeping, guest suites, storage rooms, car/ bike wash area, ground-floor retail and dining, door-to-door delivery from plentiful dining options, and much, much more (1).

Also in the area is the Denver Art Complex which is home to the Boettcher Concert Hall (home of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra), Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre, Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex, Chambers Grant Salon, Studio Loft Denver, Nathaniel Merril Founders Room, Galleria, and iconic Sculpture Park (2). Erected in 1978, the groundbreaking Boettcher Concert Hall was the first round concert hall in all of the United States. With its overhaul in 1993, including acoustic adjustments to finely tune sound quality based on attendance, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra has a wonderful venue to call home. Further, the 2,300+ seats provide ample opportunity to enjoy music year round. Another well known aspect of the Denver Art Complex is Sculpture Park, which is situated at the center of the Denver Theatre District. With two 50-foot high sculptures known as “The Dancers,” you don’t exactly have to be in the Denver Art Complex to enjoy these pieces. Sculpture Park has played host to not only the Shakespeare Festival, but also to the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, proving its diversity to host outdoor festivals and significant events, in addition to its functionality, which is evidenced by its 4,000 Banquet seating capacity and 7,000 reception seating capacity. Individually, these venues provide many of the best live performances in the state, but as a whole, they show the essence of Denver, from its culture, to its vibrant atmosphere, to its welcoming attitude and homey nature.

Downtown Denver – Real Estate Snapshot

Downtown Denver or the Central Business District is home to the Performing Arts Complex, rows of hotels, the 16th Street Mall, Paramount Theater and other attractions. Home buyers and real estate agents typically include surrounding areas in a “downtown” search.

1) Spire Urban Real Estate

2) Community Arts Complex



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