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Jefferson Park

Zip Code: 80211

Bounded by Speer Blvd (north), Colfax Ave. (south), Federal Blvd. (west), and the Platte River on the east, Jefferson Park is a booming neighborhood that is home to some of Denver’s freshest and most modern architecture. Originally considered to be part of the Highlands, Jefferson Park (named after founding father Thomas Jefferson) has since expanded into its own neighborhood. The area continues to grow exponentially, yet is still considered to be one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the downtown Denver area (1).

As the home of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the location of the Jefferson Park neighborhood can’t be beat. With unobstructed access to the 23rd Street bridge, residents of this area can easily walk to the Riverfront area of downtown Denver that boasts attracts like the REI flagship store, Denver Aquarium, Children’s Museum, and Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park. The Denver Aquarium displays several ecosystems around the world and over 500 animal species, all of which are preserved in tanks totaling millions of gallons of water. Unique attractions include the Dive Lounge, Aquarium Restaurant, and Stingray Reef Touch Tank. Additionally, Elitch Gardens is the largest theme park in Colorado, and has been in operation in this location since 1994. Not only does it feature classic wooden roller coasters like the Twister II (modeled after the original Mister Twister built in 1964), there are several modern attractions for rollercoaster enthusiasts including the Halfpipe, Boomerang, and Mind Eraser. To cool down after a long day of thrill seeking, the institution also features a water park complete with many thrill rides and slides. On the whole, the amenities within a square mile of this area are almost limitless and include some of Denver’s best offerings.

Today, the development of the area has hit a fever pitch and many new businesses and restaurants have been drawn to the neighborhood. Check out the Sassafras American Eatery for a Cajun breakfast and brunch that always impresses with its incredibly fresh eggs and biscuits as the cornerstone to their southern inspired dishes. Or, for a Mexican-American hybrid try Jack-n-Grill, which combines Mexican cuisine with the quintessential American favorite: the hamburger. If you’re familiar with the travel channel show Man vs Food, this place may may bring memories of watching the host take on its 7 pound burrito challenge. Fear not, for this place does not just stuff you with as much food as possible, but rather they have fine-tuned their menu to utilize delicious ingredients and they certainly take pride in their craft (2).

Housing development in the area is rapidly becoming available, with many new housing complexes opening up in the past few years. The Row Houses at Jefferson Park offer three story townhomes which feature hardwood floors, quartz countertops, custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, decks, two car garages, and much more (3). Just minutes away are the 24 Jefferson Park Townhomes which offer buyers the chance to customize their own living spaces with the finest in modern design elements (4). Also available are the CLAY\28th modern residences which bring the Kujawa Architecture of Chicago to Denver (5). If you’re looking for vibrant, trendy, and affordable there is no better place to start your home search than Jefferson Park.

Jefferson Park – Real Estate Snapshot

Made up of numerous different architectural styles from many different eras, Jefferson Park features single family homes and apartments in addition to all of the recent developments described above. Investors and residents alike love Jefferson Park for its close proximity to major Denver attractions and the reasonably priced housing it offers.


Jefferson Park

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