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Located only five miles east of downtown Denver and 5 minutes from the Cherry Creek shopping center, Mayfair is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Denver and retains a historic presence to this day. The borders of the neighborhood are Colfax, Monaco, 6th Avenue, and Eudora (1). The location is close to the National Jewish Hospital and Rose Medical Center, as well as the Denver Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, Gates Planetarium, and City Park.

Mayfair boasts an active Neighborhood Association that fosters a close-knit community, giving the area a small-town feel. The association sponsors activities like a neighborhood garage sale, and an annual Concert in Mayfair Park that includes live music and entertainment for children such as professional face painters and balloon artists. The community also issues a quarterly newsletter, the Mirror, to keep residents updated on neighborhood news (1).

A recent Denver Post article interviews a Mayfair resident, who describes his 15+ year tenure there fondly, referring to Mayfair as “one of Denver’s best kept secrets,” and noting the amount of younger residents moving to the neighborhood and scrapping the aging bungalows in favor of larger homes. Residents of Mayfair love its short distance from Denver, Cherry Creek, and Stapleton, and its lack of overcrowding and parking shortages (2).

There’s an incoming surge of restaurants and shops in the area, many of which that are already making names for themselves as some of the best in Denver. The Chop Shop has paved the way for new restaurants by showing the locals what it’s like to have some of the best ribs, pastrami, and french dip in town. As such, the voters have already approved the creation of the Fax-Mayfair Business Improvement District in order to continue to develop the area and add more restaurants, shops, and businesses.

This is another neighborhood that’s perfect for those looking to be close to the conveniences of urban living, who also want to enjoy the cozy air of a friendly community. With the growth and further improvements coming Mayfair’s way, it may not be Denver’s best kept secrets for long, but you can count on the communal atmosphere and laid-back attitude that has benefitted the neighborhood for years.

Mayfair – Real Estate Snapshot

Homes in need of fix-up can on occasion be found in Mayfair for the low $200,000′s, with converted condos below this price, and lovely tudors commanding up to, or over a million in price.

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