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Zip Code: 80210

Bounded by I-25 (north), S. Colorado Blvd. (east), E. Hampden Ave. (south), and S. University St. (west), the Wellshire neighborhood is quiet and peaceful with curvy meandering streets. Mature vegetation and the picturesque Skeel Reservoir make this area seem to be straight out of a storybook. One of the highlights of this neighborhood is the beautiful Wellshire Golf Course, one of the finest public golf courses on the front range. Built in 1926 as a private course by the prestigious architect Donald Ross, the course has since opened up to the public at affordable prices. Charity events are frequently hosted at the course, as well as golf tournaments and special events such as weddings and corporate-related bookings. The historic Wellshire Inn on the course is another popular destination, serving up gourmet food for the public.

Parks, churches, and schools are all convenient to the area. With a population density of about 4,000 people per square mile, it’s more sparsely populated than the average Denver city, which is well-suited to its peaceful nature. Further, it has a slightly higher median age than the average Denver city, yet also a slightly larger household size and a much higher percentage of married couples, including those with kids. On the whole, this data tells us that it’s a perfect place to raise a family in a quiet atmosphere that is only a hop, skip, and jump away from all the allures of urban living in Denver.

Wellshire – Real Estate Snapshot

Classic ranch homes, built in the 1950′s and 1960′s, provide an affordable home option in a lovely neighborhood. Some new construction is underway too, which is a collection of much more expensive, grandiose homes.



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